inspiration     Apr 12 2016

What can go in the middle of the new Mapos headquarters

By Xinyang Chen
Mapos Designer

Yep, yep, we are at Dumbo WeWork now, but only TEMPORARILY. If New York real estate doesn’t fail us again, we are moving to Williamsburg in a couple months! The space we are going to get is enormous, enough for us to have a roller skate rink in the middle of studio.

Beyond a roller skate rink, here is a list of other things I want in the middle of our office:

Coffee Shop

Because Williamsburg can always have another cafe.  All Mapos employees get free lattes!

Yoga Studio

Because doing yoga under a sloped high ceiling is so Zen. I think we should host after work yoga class.


Because we like greens



Because it is nice to dedicate space in our office for showing art/ furniture/ materials that we enjoy looking at.

When you got space, the possibilities are infinity