inspiration     Jul 21 2009

Take a plunge in the Gowanus

Mapos LLC

Here at Mapos we like a nice cool dip like the next start-up design company. (Laps at the Y are part of our daily routine. Well, at least for one of us). Can we get an invite to the Dumpster-Pool on the Gowanus Canal? We’d be remiss if we didn’t comment on this inventive and industrious project by Macro-Sea for a couple of reasons. One: We like to swim (see opening line). Two: We like re-using things. Especially finding new lives for “discarded” cheap and industrial things. Three: I live in this neighborhood and am fairly obsessed with our quaint little waterfront called the Gowanus Canal. Four: Yes, we’re pretty jealous of these guys. Great idea, and even better, they got it done.