inspiration     Mar 13 2015

Push for Heat

By Adam Wiesehan
Mapos Designer

Push for Heat is a month-long experiment involving an interactive urban installation for Spamos under the moniker MTA or “Mapos The Architects.” The name is a play on the corporate acronym MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) as a critique. I found inspiration for this project in active design collectives such as Department of Urban Betterment , Dsgn Agnc, the Eicient Passenger Project and other guerilla groups who also experiment with and critique the failures of our cities. The purpose of this experiment is to is promote participatory urbanism among commuters and city dwellers.

MTA recently activated a small Push for Heat Shelter at the Broad Channel subway station with a paper post. The request for ideas from commuters reads:
“Dear Rider,
Do you have a suggestion for the improvement of this space? Please help us by writing down your idea!

Thank you,

Some highlights from the most recent suggestions:
“add a bench & an enclosed area” – ES
“toilets (a must)” -Anonymous
“tear this down it sucks” – Planet Rock
“I like everything its okay thanks though :)” -Jonah & Frida
“Suck my ass” -SW
“Add a digital sign that indicates when train is coming” – Chester A. Garfield

Want to participate in this project? Get in touch via and return to Spamos in a month to see the outcome of this participatory project!


After several months of gathering great suggestions we decided on one that showcases local talent, reuses the existing structure, is low in cost and maintenance. Rider E.S. suggests, “make a gallery space so riders can have something to look at while they wait for the S train.” We realize that the MTA does have an arts program. However, we think a Push For Heat Gallery could display local talent from Broad Channel as a rule.

We have submitted all the suggestions to the MTA – thanks to all the riders that participated in this project!