events     Apr 12 2011

Mapos Lecture at Mississippi State

Mapos LLC

The Mississippi State architecture school asked Mapos to speak as the headliner of their NOMAS Symposium. The topic: emerging practices in architecture.
This gave us an opportunity to share our work of the (challenging) past three years through our passion for saying “YES.”

A good architectural education, like a good architect, is proficient in many things: design, technology, strategy, process, and most of all, the ability to communicate through various media. We draw. We make 3D models (virtual and physical). We also can write and talk. Create a narrative about the many things we do as architects. Design is increasingly being valued for its creative ability to approach and define complex issues – and to communicate it. We too often take for granted the extraordinary powers we have to create beauty and to reach people with new ideas that affect their lives in meaningful ways. It is humbling. It matters. Say YES to bridging and connecting and designing solutions in a world that desperately needs them.