work     Apr 21 2011

Mapos GUIDE to New York

Mapos LLC

The GUIDE has been sleeping on our server (and in our brains) for over three years: a visual and experiential narrative of what we like about New York City. Part derive (a la Debord), part analysis, part history, all obsession, the GUIDE covers the sites, buildings, parks, places, and things that catch our collective eyes and spark imagination. Why? Well, we don’t know for sure – it’s the intangible that makes this city what it is. We do know we want to explore them more and explain why they make this city so, well, awesome.

Last Monday Colin gave the first Mapos Tour to a group of NYU students (thanks to Prof. Lauren Yarmuth for the invite). On showcase was the Midtown portion of the GUIDE. Look for more exciting tours to come, and keep asking us about the soon-to-be-released digital (and hard copy) version of the GUIDE.