inspiration     Jul 09 2014

Mapos Alchemist’s Guide

by Anthony Chan
Mapos Designer

Drinking is a weekly ritual at Mapos on Fridays. Ubiquitously it has come to be known as “Mapos Friday.” We won’t divulge its humble origin; although we may if you buy us a drink or two on a good day.

Most Fridays, late afternoons consist of a few six-packs of seasonal brews, usually local, chosen through a somewhat democratic process. With full disclosure, I am partial to cocktails; and for my colleagues, storing beers in our mini-fridge does not always yield the desired chill in these sweltering summer months.So, this summer, we have been trying something different – cocktails! Here’s a list of potent potables I have come across over the years. In my humble opinion, they are befitting of our home in the LES — raw, earthy, and with an underlying sweetness you’ll find only if you linger.


Enjoy, and cheers!