events     Oct 14 2013

Mapbots Visit Storm King

Mapos LLC

“You got to do WHAT today at work!?!” This was the line many of us got asked this past Friday when we told our friends and family that the Mapos Office went to Storm King for a field trip. We needed to recharge our creative juices and get inspired by all that Storm King has to offer.

It was fabulous. A brief escape from the city we love to trees and grass and cool October air – we became leaf peepers and sculpture fanatics.

Our unanimous favorite was undoubtedly Maya Lin’s “Storm King Wavefield” installation. There’s something about being able to appreciate it as an art piece while getting to interact with it – walking along and within the rows of rolling hills.

The trip proved successful – batteries fully recharged and all of us taking inspiration back into our work here at Mapos. We can’t wait for the next field trip for more bonding with our fellow Maposians and all of the cheesy photos that await!