work     Mar 09 2010

Green Depot Light Booth Declared “Best New Idea 2010”

Mapos LLC

When Mapos was asked by Green Depot to come up with an interactive way to showcase emerging lighting technologies that is both educational and fun, our answer was the (now famous) interactive Light Booth.

Within this tidy little space (recalling the once ubiquitous photo booth), one can test and compare several different lighting technologies against your own selected palette of materials and colors. Not only is it, ahem, enlightening, but there are no more surprises when you get home and screw in that new warm white CFL you just purchased at Green Depot, because you’ve already given it a test drive in their Light Booth.


Needless to say, we were thrilled to learn that NY Magazine recently included the Light Booth in it’s “Best of NY 2010″ issue under the category Best New Idea.


Mapos can’t help but feel like proud parents to this wittle fella. To achieve this accolade at only 1 year old… Well, who knows what this Light Booth will achieve someday? Time Magazine’s Fixture of the Year? A MacArthur Grant?

Okay, enough fawning. Who wants some cake?