inspiration     Jul 13 2015

Going to Detroit

By Xinyang Chen
Mapos Designer

I went to Detroit with 3 other friends, and we were all charmed by it.

Over the last 40 years, Detroit’s population has slowly fallen from 1.8 million to 700,000. Today, the city feels 3 times bigger than it needs to be. Thanks to its abundance of vacant lots, Detroit is open and green. Downtown Detroit reminds me of retro-futuristic city renderings made last century, but with less people and cars.

We stayed in Corktown, where we could see Michigan Central Station from our window. The 18-story station has being abandoned for 30 years – looks spooky even during the day. Corktown is also where a lot of new business is happening – good cafes, shops, and burger spots, and coworking spaces like Ponyride.

You probably heard that Detroit filed bankruptcy in the middle of 2013 for a period of about 17 months. Factory jobs that used to make Detroit proud are long gone – what Detroit really needs now are jobs that can last. A young entrepreneurs community is emerging at Detroit, hopefully to the tune of a brighter future for a wonderful city!