work     Nov 09 2009

Fun on the Run

Mapos LLC

On October 24th, Mapos wrapped up a months long project with joy, sweat, and world record times. Well, at least joy and sweat!
A large athletic company based in Oregon (the name escapes me), hired Mapos to develop programming, event management, recruitment strategies, graphic design, and exhibit design for a one-day running event dubbed “the Human Race”. Using GPS and online technologies, this 10k race was run on every corner of the world by over 100,000 people. To highlight the day, a handful of hub cities hosted planned group races. Here in New York, the flagship venue for the race (and arguably the entire human race!), over 5000 people joined up early Saturday morning for an organized race in Prospect Park.
As a lead up to the race Mapos designed a series of kiosks scattered around popular running routes around the city. These served as recruitment stations that advertised the race and encouraged online registration. They incorporated Mapos-designed graphics and scavenger-hunt-like give-aways. A couple of the kiosks were actually Smart Cars (covered in Mapos graphics), roving the city on set itineraries. If runners visited every kiosks – and tracked down the Smart Cars via Twitter – they could enter a grand prize sweepstakes.

For Race Day, Mapos designed a fun and inspiring “village” in the middle of Prospect Park. After the race, runners and VIPs could relax in a global lounge, get a massage, food and drink, learn about the newest running gear, get consults from running pros, and rock out to the musical duo Matt + Kim (check ‘em out, really. Mapos is now their number one fan). The highlight was a 20 foot long custom-designed Community Table where runners could check their times, download their favorite running tunes, upload pictures and learn more about Ni.. er… the aforementioned athletic company from Oregon.
Event design. Pop-up construction. Graphic Design. Project Management. Brand Centric Experience. Free massages. 10k record times!