editorial     Jul 22 2015


By Andy Kikta
Mapos Designer

The architectural folly is a novel structure without a program. It is largely a visual destination, and may be entered and explored, but not inhabited.

Mike Caldwell, Drum Barge

Although closely related, the architectural folly is distinct from environmental sculpture in that the folly is not necessarily symbolic. It does not ask to be understood or analyzed.

Hansjorg Voth – Himmelstreppe

The folly is an object of fancy, a whimsical structure that exists without consequence. It is inherently romantic. It is emotional and experiential, not intellectual or didactic.

Olivier Grossetete – Pont de Singe

The folly is an object of distant memories, wild imaginings, and vague associations. It does not have a practical use, but it suggests that it once had one, or perhaps one day will.

John Hejduk – Security

The folly captures the passage of time, or exists outside of it. It is the OTHER. It is from THERE, not from HERE.

Leonhard Lass and Gregor Ladenhauf – Aurigae