inspiration     Mar 31 2009

Blast from the Past, Part 1

Mapos LLC

I just commented on community. And urban development. And I remembered the last time I had an inspiration to blog. Still that esteemed rag, but this time, Allison Arieff admits her obsession for the suburbs and I, for one, developed a crush. Theories! Precedents! Case studies! Head shot! I quickly bought books and read the links. The culture of congestion has merit to dying to cities. But what to do with the abandoned acres? (Oh Detroit. Once again, I will comment on you later). She quickly follows up with a sequel and promptly lays her desires known: Viggo Mortensen


Oh well. With the crush now gone I could focus on the issues. Exurban sprawl means something. It is broken but it speaks to a way we, as Americans, value land and home and property. We would be best to not forget our aspirations as we educate ourselves to never to build like that again.