work     Jun 09 2014

The Life of a Non-Architect

By Malina Leslie
Studio Manager

As the only non-architect in the office, I often find I have no idea what these people around me are talking about. They are obsessed with maps and have super specific pen requests – I ORDER SO MANY DIFFERENT TYPES OF PENS FOR THEM!!! NO ONE HERE LIKES THE SAME TYPE OF PEN!! THIS IS CRAZYNESS!!

We mean business!

Everyone’s always talking about rhino which isn’t a huge animal but actually refers to 3D modeling software. V-ray isn’t an amazing skin-burning laser that they place into drawings but rather a tool for rendering that apparently has a lot to do with Rhino! They have their own language which features too many acronyms to keep track of – RFP, CD, DD, DBR, FOS, IDC, SD, OPV – WTF!?!?!

It’s a little confusing at times, but it ends up being a nice relationship. I teach them about 401K plans and what to expect with health insurance changes and they tell me why I look like an architect when I wear all black and what the purpose of a wood slat ceiling element is ((to cover duct work on the ceiling – OBV!))





I joined a soccer league with one of my co-workers called the “Def Points” – I assumed it was because we DEFINITELY scored all the time… only months later did I find out it was some super jargon-y architect-y name for a layer in the AutoCad drafting program – a very specific name for a very specific point. HOW WOULD I KNOW THIS!?!? WHY IS THIS COOL!?! WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE!?!?

One of the exciting parts of my job as of late has been developing the PITHY Mapos Field Guide which is our version of a boring employee manual but with all things peppy! I bug them for tips in Photoshop and Illustrator while featuring their over-sized faces on photos of Mapos designed spaces. It touches on my love for comics, their designs, and the overall theme here at Mapos – AWESOMENESS.