work     Jul 06 2016

A Dream You Can Taste: 3 Black Cats in the Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal featured 3 Black Cats Cafe and the Dream Big Innovation Center in today’s paper. Read more about Mapos’ role in this project below, and click the link for the full story of the Jimenez sisters’ journey to opening their own business in Brownsville, New York.

3 Black Cats Cafe and The Dream Big Innovation Center almost ready to open

Diana admits that finding backing for her dream, and more than just her own dream, has been slightly disorienting. The bakery is intended to double as a community center, and has booths and designer furniture as well as chalkboards (“Rob wanted the community to be engaged,” Mr. Brice said) and a professional kitchen in the basement with walk-in refrigerators.

“We thought, ‘Is it for real?’” Diana remembered. “Even going to designing meetings was surreal.”

Those were at Mapos, a Bowery architecture and design firm that has done work for LivePerson, Mr. LoCascio’s tech company. “We shared our vision,” Diana explained. “They helped us come up with different sketches.”