‘Wichcraft Garment District

CategoryBars + Restaurants
LocationNew York, NY
Size2,650 sq ft

‘Wichcraft Garment District is the second location to implement Mapos Architects’ fast casual restaurant design concept for the brand. Celebrating ‘Wichcraft’s use of natural, healthy ingredients, and drawing on the connection to farmers and other community partners, Mapos Architects designed several key brand elements that can be deployed to fit the unique needs of each location. The barn-frame ceiling pendant, terracotta tower, modular menu board, and signature Market Wall create consistency and a visual language for all store locations, while being flexible enough to serve many different spaces.

The primary challenge of the busy Garment District location was to accommodate the high volume of customers without losing brand clarity and flow. The design elements were strategically arranged to maximize capacity and ease of access. The menu board is the in the back of the shop, directly above the sales counter, which leaves the dining room mostly open and the items for order immediately visible. The Market Wall, directly next to the sales counter, anchors the store with its mix of branding, items for sale, and seating.

Photography by Garrett Rowland


To enhance legibility, we set the menu against white ceramic and oak; the board’s tiled signage can be reconfigured quickly to reflect seasonal items.

The barn-frame ceiling pendant draws a connection to the local farmers who provide the ingredients for ‘Wichcraft’s sandwiches, and the terra cotta tower is an homage to the traditional ovens used to bake bread. These elements transmit key brand values and are flexible enough to be deployed in any location, creating visual consistency for 'Wichcraft stores.