Revival Gardens Concept

LocationNew England
Size45,000 sf
CollaboratorMaterials & Methods

A flexible public space supporting the multiple programs of the new beer and food culture, public arts, and large-scale cultural events.

The final program included a beer garden, a restaurant and café, bocce courts and playground, a food truck area, an arts center, and open-air market space.

The phase 1 temporary installation took advantage of adjacent open space to host large-space cultural events, and with a prominent adjacency to major highways allowed the project to act as a high-tech billboard for the forthcoming new cultural community.


Strategically situated as the cultural generator of a new mixed-use development, the project is a hybrid which transforms over time from a high-impact, temporary installation focused on cultural events into a permanent mixed-use facility as the centerpiece of a new creative community.

The space is versatile enough to host most kind of events, or can just be an open meeting space when no activities are planned.

In collaboration with digital media gurus Materials & Methods, Mapos created the concept for transforming an underutilized parcel of a brownfield site into a dynamic public space centered on the emerging beer and foodie culture, with ongoing programming supporting public art, local markets, and large-scale cultural events.