Republic Restoratives Distillery

CategoryDevelopments, Bars + Restaurants
LocationWashington D.C.
Size8,000 sq ft

The dream that the clients brought to Mapos was to create a community-funded and community-driven distillery and tasting room in the most urban corner of Washington, DC. Located in a 2-story former warehouse along the old B&O Railroad Yard, Mapos was able to exercise their core design philosophy of adaptive reuse and leverage the industrial history and continued light industrial use of the site. The result was the largest crowd-funded distillery in the world.

Photography by Matthew Borkoski.


Wherever possible, vestiges of paint and industrial markings were to be preserved to celebrate the authentic history of the space. This was the canvas.

The resulting space has become a local community anchor for informal meetups, as well as a premier event and celebration space, all while remaining true to it’s past as an authentic industrial space.

Mapos strategically carved glass openings through the brick façade to bring in natural light and highlight key elements to the outside.