LiTT Workshop

LocationNew York, NY
Size1,600 sq ft

LiTT (Light in Transformative Technology) Workshop was organized by creative consulting agency Project 61 to showcase the possibilities of Versalume’s new Fibrance technology. They invited Mapos to participate in the interactive brainstorming session and workshop, and asked us to design the environment for the two-day pop up in the Lower East Side. To fill out the 1,600 square foot gallery, we created installations using Fibrance that would showcase its unique features and inspire the workshop participants to interact with the product. At the entrance we used parallel strands of Fibrance to create a double-height color wall directing visitors into the space. Immediately after was an arrangement of pre-made products that use Fibrance. Large pyramidal shapes made from different colors of Fibrance hung from the ceiling, and the final installation was a series of peg-boards which could be used to “draw” with spools of Fibrance, creating an ever-changing interactive light installation.