Nike Human Race

CategoryDevelopments, Retail
LocationNew York, NY

As part of the Nike+ Human Race occuring simultaneously around the world, Mapos worked directly with Nike on ideation and implementation of all aspects of the participant experience for the New York City post-race hub, the only major hub occuring in the US.

This involved event programming and design, site reviews, graphic design, and integration of interactive technologies. Incorporating an interactive community table, a global experience lounge, and a Nike+ training and trial area among other tiered experiences, the resulting “Global Village” successfully encouraged participants to explore, linger, and interact… despite the weather.

In addition to creating the post-race hub experience, in the months preceding the race, Mapos worked directly with Nike on design strategies to generate awareness, interest, and energy within Manhattan’s running community around the upcoming Human Race Event to take place in Brooklyn.

The virtual footprint of this event was expanded by designing guerilla-style interactive nodes, both stationary and mobile, placed along major running routes in the month leading up to the event, creating a city-wide scavenger hunt. The results not only surpassed Nike’s recruitment goals, but also invigorated the Nike+ user community, allowing them new and surprising ways to connect with each other through the Nike+ portal.