LivePerson Headquarters

LocationNew York, NY
Size13,000 sf

Liveperson, a successful 15 year-old web start-up, asked Mapos to design their new corporate headquarters in New York City in a way that was both sustainable for the environment and for their company culture.

The founder of the company challenged Mapos with creating and executing a design process that would involve every member of his 100 person staff. This was done through a series of highly interactive group meetings, using games, group avatars, and full-scale interactive models, all designed by Mapos to encourage participation and group data collection.

Layered upon this was the overall strategy of creative re-use of the previous tenant’s lighting and furnishings. Mapos limited the amount of dumpsters that had to be taken out of the building by turning old desks into walls and pendants into playful chandeliers. This single decision was a big reason this amount of design was achieved for under $100/sf.


All of the materials left by the previous tenant – the carpeting, lighting, shelving, mechanical equipment, desks – were mined and catalogued to become the building materials for the new space.

Mapos designed not only the physical environment of their new office, but a working process that integrated Liveperson ambassadors at every step of the design for their input, direction, and ownership