Icebreaker Retail Re-Fit

LocationNew York, NY, San Francisco, CA
Size3,500 sf (NY) | 2,500 sf (SF)

Mapos was tapped by Icebreaker, a New Zealand-based outdoor apparel company that makes its garments from locally-sourced merino wool, to quickly develop new lighting, fixture, and experiential concepts for their existing NYC and San Francisco stores. The intent of this quick “ReFit” was to prototype ideas for a fully new retail experience concept to be executed by Mapos in the near future.

Critical to the new design was helping the customer navigate the complex offerings of the brand while emphasizing the unique performance characteristics and ethical origins of the merino wool. The resulting fixtures and materials derived direct inspiration from New Zealand’s Southern Alps and the various sheep stations from which the wool is sourced.

In the center of each store Mapos created a community space, controlling flow through the store while giving visitors a place to connect with other customers, learn of the many accolades the brand has earned for its products, and immerse themselves in the Icebreaker brand and lifestyle through books, magazines, and videos.