Hotel Shocard

CategoryHotels + Spas
LocationNew York, NY

Gold Key 2016 Best Hotel Budget/Focused Services

Mapos used the gritty but glamorous NYC of the early 70’s as their inspiration for the full rebrand and renovation of this 7-story, 47-room hotel and restaurant located in the heart of Times Square. The classic marquee theme can be found inside and outside of the space, where Mapos took quintessential materials and reinterpreted them in a modern but playful way. Giddyup, Midnight Cowboy!

Photography by Oleg March.


It was decided that this hotel would act as the counterpoint to the commercialized, high-resolution LED collage that defines the current Times Square.

Rather than copy this era to create a themed environment, Mapos took the essential materials of this time and reinterpreted them in a thoroughly modern way.

The marquee bulb pattern which appears in the hotel’s logo was whimsically reinterpreted throughout the hotel in tilework, fabric and wallpaper patterns, lighting elements, carpeting, and wall panel perforations.

Mapos created a custom pegboard wall in each room that playfully accommodates the guests’ accessories such as umbrellas, hats and handbags.