Fresh Shop Design

Category:  Retail
Location:  Global

The founders of Fresh approached Mapos with a directive to develop an entirely new retail concept for the LVMH luxury brand to better reflect the company’s core values and engage its customer base. The initial task was to develop the new concept for their flagship New York Union Square store, and then implement globally, starting in Asia, then in the UK, and other US locations.

To achieve this, Mapos integrated several distinct experiences through a series of interactive fixture designs: an Experience Bar based on the intimate makeup tables of the 19th century; a complete Gift Bar showcasing the brand’s complementary artisanal packaging; an innovative Fragrance Bar utilizing laboratory vessels; a Communal Washbasin sourced from England allowing customers to gather and experience the brand’s skin care lines; a custom Chandelier inspired by modern alchemy; and an interactive Story Wall visually displaying new products and communicating the brand’s story and core values.

2012 A.R.E. Design Awards – Store Fixturing Award, Fresh Sensorial Bar; 2012 Apex Awards – Digital Signage in Retail, Silver Medal

Mapos was chosen to lead this retailing reinvention and were assigned the task of creating an environment where customers not only shopped Fresh, but experienced it.
Mapos utilized a culturally-centric perspective to analyze the psychographics of Fresh’s key customer base: the indulger. With this customer in mind, they began an integrative design process with full participation from the founders and key Fresh team members, aimed at developing visceral experiences to engage customers on a sensual and emotional level.
A flexible Kitchen Table placed in the center of the space acts a three-dimensional blog, inviting customers to touch and interact with Fresh’s most talked about products.
Designed by Mapos for the new Fresh flagship, the new chandelier is a dramatic visual presence hanging in the center of the store.
The successful execution of this new shop represents the completion and first implementation of the “Fresh Library,” a comprehensive database of modular Fresh fixtures and accessories created and maintained by Mapos geared towards strategic and economical global rollout.