Calissa Restaurant

CategoryBars + Restaurants
LocationWatermill, NY
Size3,000 sq ft

When Manhattan based restaurateur James Mallios set his sights east toward the Hamptons, he looked to Mapos as longtime collaborators to conceptualize, design, and brand a Mykonos-inspired seasonal restaurant. The primary inspiration points are the simplicity of form and material that recall the timeless atmosphere of the Aegean island of Mykonos and which beautifully blend into the context of a summer evening in the Hamptons. The branding concept was the exude the casual minimalism of the restaurants in the Greek isles by using subtle textures, natural materials, and moments of color to define the brand. This ethos was carried to the farm to table (or dock to table) menu that encourages guests to dine socially with large-format feasts served for the entire table.

The ramshackle building the restaurant inhabited was given a clean layer of custom white plaster finish throughout, a blank canvas upon which to layer the special moments: A Mapos-designed custom chandelier made by Jamie Harris Studio over the marble bar, basket shade lighting over the tables, custom banquets bathed in candlelight and succulents, and private dining hidden behind a wall made of reclaimed wood shutters.

Photography by Doug Young