We are Architects Who Work with Cultural Communities
The Mapos team has a proven track record of transforming places into memorable experiences. We understand that environments do not exist in a vacuum; they are cultural settings whose success depends on their connections to their surroundings and the engagement of a community of people. All of our projects start with empathy for people; their values and their aspirations. By gaining a deeper understanding of the community – and recognizing the broader cultural landscape of which the community is a part – our projects introduce new meaning and relevance to their inhabitants. This invigorated experience transforms passive users into empowered co-authors.
We Integrate Design and Culture
Every project is driven by our Integrative Design process that combines the latest in expert advice, cultural insights, material research, sustainable design strategies, and construction know-how. The integration of research, design, and fabrication with a well-rounded team of innovators ensures every participant is an owner and every idea can come alive.
Ideas are Free
Creativity comes in many shapes and sizes. The network of experiences we all bring to the project is the fuel that powers the creative energy of ideation and innovation. We can’t do it alone, nor do we want to. For each project we go beyond “meetings” to design customized collaborative working sessions. Through inclusive brainstorming, team games, and interactive story-telling, these sessions elicit and record every stakeholder’s ideas for discussion, editing, and development. 


Think Local
The existing conditions of every project “site,” whether a landscape, building, or local culture, have inherent qualities that can be uncovered and celebrated. Constraints due to budgets, schedules, or codes offer opportunities that create innovative outcomes. This level of authenticity is a gift unique to each project and comes at a very reasonable price: free.
Get to Know People
We empathize with the future user and acknowledge the intelligence, values, insights and worldview of the people who will be living, working and playing in their new environment. Cultural diversity, a trademark of our globalized society, trumps homogenization on every hand. We celebrate it.


Look and Listen
We consciously put ourselves in situations that instigate inspiration. We love to travel. And wander aimlessly. And listen, observe, explore, drift, collect, record, digest, interpret, create. The collage of textures and colors that the world has to offer, both physical and cultural, is the “messy vitality” from which we derive our inspiration.
Embrace Responsibility
Specialization in our industry has created less with more; more and more job descriptions now have less depth and with it, the ability to deflect accountability. Architects are more than stylists; we have the knowledge and leadership to manage teams of creative people to make concepts and visions real.


Use Technology Effectively
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. We do not design for design’s sake, or to showcase gadgets and software. Technology is an amazing tool and resource that should empower exploration, not overwhelm it.
Hey! We’re Human!
We’re all part of the natural world – a world where efficiency and great design are interchangeable. The integration of systems, processes, materials, and most importantly, mindsets, creates efficiencies that benefit the user and their environment. Yesterday, thinking green was second nature. Tomorrow it will be indecipherable from thinking design.
Design Matters
More than a tool to produce tangible objects and buildings, design is increasingly being valued for its creative ability to approach and define complex issues. Understood in many dimensions – and in all media – Design Thinking can transform and affect positive change in every aspect of daily life.
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