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160519 Hotel Shocard
As featured in Hotel News Resource
Spamos     5 days ago

Hotel Shocard is Open!

Raise a glass to that!
Spamos     7 days ago

Now Open: Republic Restoratives

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I like my superheroes super-zero-carbon footprint
Spamos     3 weeks ago

HQs and Lairs – Analyzing the Unreal

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Frank gives the finger
Spamos     4 weeks ago

Architectural Identity

Feature Image - Primitive Hut
In Defense of the Gabled Roof (Mostly)
Spamos     1 month ago

Images of Home

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possibilities are infinity
Spamos     1 month ago

What can go in the middle of the new Mapos headquarters

Grab your xacto, ruler and glue!
Spamos     2 months ago

Models, Or the Thrill of it All

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“Design has to work, art does not.” –Donald Judd
Spamos     2 months ago

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Gehry Building…

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Spamos     2 months ago

Run This Town

Fresh GL 2
Fresh opens shop at Galeries Lafayette
Spamos     3 months ago

Bonjour from Paris!

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Bye Bye Bowery
Spamos     3 months ago

Lights out on the Bowery