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Spamos     3 weeks ago

Hotel Shocard Wins 2 Gold Key Awards!

best of year awards
Spamos     3 weeks ago

‘Wichcraft Best of Year finalist

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Field Trip
Spamos     4 weeks ago

Mapos goes to the Whitney

161102 Hospitality Design 'Wichcraft
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Spamos     1 month ago

‘Wichcraft in Hospitality Design

Spamos     2 months ago

American Architecture Prize Honorable Mention for Citizen Watch!

160902 Hotel Shocard Boutique Design
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Spamos     3 months ago

Space Explorers: Hotel Shocard and Innovation in Boutique Design

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Can you smell the bread baking?
Spamos     5 months ago

More MoTown

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Frank gives the finger
Spamos     7 months ago

Architectural Identity

Grab your xacto, ruler and glue!
Spamos     8 months ago

Models, Or the Thrill of it All

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“Design has to work, art does not.” –Donald Judd
Spamos     9 months ago

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Gehry Building…

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Bye Bye Bowery
Spamos     9 months ago

Lights out on the Bowery